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Worker’s Compensation Attorney Mequon WI

We provide legal assistance for cases pertaining to personal injury, workers’ compensation, social security disability, consumer fraud, lemon law, probate, estates, and guardianships in Milwaukee and Cedarburg WI. Call 414-253-0420.

Personal Injury

If you were injured by a negligent individual or party in Southeastern Wisconsin, contact a personal injury attorney David J. Lisko located in Mequon, WI. You may be entitled to compensation for your losses and suffering. Personal injury cases include auto and motorcycle accidents, nursing home negligence, animal bites, construction accidents, premises and product liability, slip and fall, and wrongful death.

Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Were you injured on the job? The Law Offices of David J. Lisko, S.C. is your greatest advocate to ensure that you’re treated fairly by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. We will advise you of all of your rights and responsibilities, whether you were hurt with a neck injury, back injury, occupational injury, or long-term work exposure.

Social Security Disability Law

With over three decades of experience, David J. Lisko is ready to guide you through the process of social security disability (SSD) law. SSD benefits replace the wages you can no longer earn due to a significant illness or impairment. We will discuss with you the types of disability benefits available, the process and timeline involved, types of medical conditions that prevent you from working, and frequent misconceptions that can be misleading.

Consumer Fraud

Have your rights been violated through consumer fraud or misrepresentation? The Law Offices of David J. Lisko, S.C. serves Milwaukee, Cedarburg, WI and surrounding areas with consumer fraud claims including credit card fraud, identity theft, medical fraud, travel scams, counterfeiting and misrepresentation of products and services.

Lemon Law Actions

Have you taken in your car 4 times a year for the same problem? Have you been without a car for 30 days or more? You may be entitled to a brand new vehicle or a cash refund under the Wisconsin Lemon Law. We handle lemon law cases for new cars, used car warranty claims, motor vehicle dealer fraud, consumer fraud, and insurance company bad faith.

Probate, Estates, & Guardianships

Attorney David J. Lisko, S.C. also concentrates in probate, estates, and guardianships. From transferring an estate, to distributing assets, to handling guardianship proceedings for a child or mentally ill adult, call our caring and compassionate legal team today for a free initial consultation.

The Law Offices of David J. Lisko, S.C. in Mequon, WI concentrates in personal injury law, workers’ compensation, social security disability law, consumer fraud, lemon law actions, probate, estates, and guardianships. We guide our clients through difficult circumstances with wisdom and compassion. For legal advice in Southeastern Wisconsin, call today!